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Article: Tips for buying a puppy

Dalmatiner Welpe

Tips for buying a puppy

What could be nicer than little baby dogs? When you look at them, all the stresses of everyday life are forgotten in an instant. Whether big or small, puppy or adult - dogs are known to be man's best friends. So the desire for a four-legged companion is not only very understandable, but also something wonderful!

Imagine a little puppy running towards you full of joy and curiosity. Completely carefree, he comes running with a clumsy gait and then looks deep into your eyes with his faithful gaze. He squeaks happily and is happy to greet you with his wet snout. You want to hold the little one in your arms and cuddle him. How good little puppies smell! You literally melt away with happiness. And it's already over for you. Full of euphoria, your heart feels warm and you just want to love and make this little being on earth happy. You want to share your life with this puppy!

When we see a puppy, our hearts automatically swell. But puppies are not just cute, they are living creatures like other pets and have their needs and wants that must be met. A good partnership needs a lot of affection and attention. And a puppy in particular requires a lot of patience, time, training and, above all, good nerves.

Choosing to care for a sweet little ball of fur means always being there for him - in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. As a pubescent young dog and into old age.

So before you decide on a small puppy, we would like to recommend that you think carefully in advance about what responsibility you will face.

So that you have an overview of the most important considerations that you should make before deciding on a puppy, we have summarized them for you in the following PALOPA blog post:

A full-time job

A puppy will enrich your family life, but will also significantly change the rhythm of your life.

Although a puppy does not need hour-long walks several times a day, it does need to go out more often and at short intervals. And this in all weather conditions and sometimes at night. He needs to settle in, be house trained, learn basic commands and build a connection with the family. All of this takes a lot of time.

So before you get a puppy, you should be aware of how much time you have to spend on him. After all, a puppy means a commitment for the next 12 to 18 years. Above all, you should check whether getting a puppy is compatible with your job and you must assume that you will most likely have to adapt some of your leisure activities.

PALOPA tip: Make a list of all your hobbies and leisure activities. Then think about which activities you can do without restrictions with a puppy and which, on the other hand, would be difficult, restricted or impossible to carry out in the future.

Choosing the dog breed

The choice of the right dog must be carefully considered - because not all dogs are the same! There are many different dog breeds with different traits and needs. From dog breeds that are more reserved to very dominant and strong-willed dogs. But there are also very people-oriented and sensitive dogs. Some of them need a lot of exercise and activity to be fully occupied, while others have less need for activity.

So look in advance at the different dog breeds that are interesting to you. Analyze their different character traits and only then decide on a suitable dog breed. You want to make your little new friend happy later.

On our PALOPA blog we provide you with many different articles on different dog breeds and their traits under the “Dog Breeds” category . Take a look, they might help you with your selection.

Cost factor

The purchase cost of a puppy is usually between €1,500 and €2,400. Prices vary depending on the dog breed and breeding facility. But what is much more important to consider are the ongoing expenses for maintaining the dog. In addition to the necessary initial equipment such as a dog bed, leash or food bowl, there is also insurance, dog tax, dog food and expenses for care and veterinary treatment.

In any case, you have to be aware that you will incur regular fixed monthly costs for your little friend.

Happy holidays

In most cases, it is unimaginable for dog owners to travel without their four-legged friend. After all, a loyal friend is part of the family. Who goes on vacation without their loved ones?

So be aware that you have to tailor your future vacation to the well-being of your very young four-legged friend. It makes a clear difference whether you want to travel by car, train or even plane, whether you book a holiday home or a hotel room and how long your holiday should last.

Of course, sometimes situations arise in which there is no other option and the little one has to stay at home. For example, during a work-related business trip or extreme climate conditions in the holiday destination.

In these cases, make sure you give your dog a great vacation of his own, for example in a lovingly run dog boarding facility that you have found out about in advance. If you have family members who love animals, you can of course place your little one in responsible hands. You should just clarify beforehand whether there are any animal hair allergies.

Puppy-friendly home

Not everyone who wants to adopt a puppy lives in a house with a garden. As a rule, keeping dogs in rental properties is more prohibited than permitted. The reasons for this are sometimes bad experiences with previous tenants who own dogs, but landlords often cannot imagine that problems with a dog will not arise sooner or later.

First of all, you should get permission from your homeowner to generally keep a dog with you. If you got the green light from your landlord, then congratulations! If you didn't get permission and you want nothing more than a little puppy, you should consider moving to another residential property.

So that you can both grow together as an unbeatable team as quickly as possible, you should allow yourself plenty of time in the first few weeks after the puppy moves into your home. It's best to even take a vacation.

If you have dealt intensively with all of the points listed and are ready to permanently change your life for a little four-legged friend, absolutely nothing will stand in the way of you being together! We wish you good luck with your decision!

Want even more dog knowledge? Become part of the PALOPA community! Together with the experts from the HUNDIVERSUM ®, we regularly provide you with tips and information and look forward to a regular exchange.

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