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Tierisch lässig - Hundepodcast von Palopa



The dog podcast from PALOPA

Also there: your dog-loving hosts, dog parents and PALOPA team members Jana and Anna. Are you also thinking about letting a dog into your life in the near future? Or do you already have a puppy at home? Then be sure to accompany the two young dog moms as they discuss the turbulent challenges of everyday puppy life and master their new task as dog parents in this dog podcast.

Tierisch lässig - Hundepodcast von Palopa

new every first Thursday of the month!

Benefit from their personal experiences and use their practical non-expert tips to keep a cool head in the new everyday situation. Every now and then Jana and Anna also invite real dog experts as guests to ask them for professional advice on specific topics.

One thing is clear: For the two curious dog parents, no dog topic is left unanswered - from puppy training to nutrition trends to employment tips. Look forward to a lot of concentrated dog knowledge, fun and lots of good entertainment!

The hosts introduce themselves

Tierisch lässig - Hundepodcast von Palopa


Two puppies, two ways. Jana and Anna couldn't be more different. While Jana is more of a calm person, Anna thinks everything through down to the smallest detail. Their two dogs Franky and Arona also have their own charm and challenge the dog moms in their everyday lives in very individual ways. Although Jana and Anna each have a different way of training their dogs, they have one thing in common: they want the best for their dog and master the challenge of being a dog parent with flying colors.

Sounds like endless discussions to you? Don't worry, it's not! Rather, a real enrichment. For both.

Jana and Anna are looking forward to seeing you!

Tierisch lässig - Hundepodcast von Palopa


Jana takes things casually and always has a relaxed saying on her lips. She shares responsibility for her Labrador mix, Franky, with her best friend and roommate. As the daughter of the two LÄSSIG and PALOPA managing directors Stefan and Claudia Lässig, she was surrounded by dogs from an early age and was able to learn a lot about dogs. Having her first dog was the best decision of her life. In general, Jana remains surprisingly calm even when faced with major challenges. How does she do it and how does living together as a dog parent shared apartment work? At TIERISCH LÄSSIG she talks about everything.

Tierisch lässig - Hundepodcast von Palopa


The tough dog mom Anna knows her way around dogs. After all, she has been surrounded by Dalmatians her whole life. On top of that, her parents are the dog experts of the Hundiversum team and have been Dalmatian breeders for many years. A lot of knowledge about dogs stuck with her. Now she finally has her first Dalmatian puppy Arona, who really keeps her busy. She doesn't just share her knowledge at TIERISCH LÄSSIG. She is also the face behind the PALOPA blog. Why it's sometimes not that easy growing up in a family full of dog experts and what advice her parents give her that she's guaranteed not to follow. Anna will tell you!