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Article: The cheeky little hunting dog: Dachshund

Der kleine freche Jagdhund: Dackel PALOPA

The cheeky little hunting dog: Dachshund

Hello dear dachshund fans, I warmly welcome you! Today I have the honor of introducing myself to you with all my nooks and crannies! I am known for my irresistible dachshund look and my floppy ears. I have short legs and a long body, but that doesn't mean I'm not athletic. Along with a few other colleagues, I am one of the most popular pet dogs. Whether short-haired, long-haired or wire-haired dachshunds - I come in many different versions and with different coat structures - but our breed characteristics and traits are essentially all the same.

I was originally bred for hunting because my unique build allowed me to easily penetrate any den. By the way, that is also the reason why I am called a Dachshund. Personally, I prefer the colloquial version: Dachshund or Teckel.

Today I would like to convince you of my nature and tell you what is particularly important to me personally in my dog's everyday life so that we can ideally form a strong team.

Let's start with my typical character traits: I have an extremely courageous, self-confident, but also combative nature. Since I am very energetic, playful and active, I love being busy, especially physically challenged. I love being out in nature with my owner. What also sets me apart is my extraordinary loyalty and my courage. Other conspecifics should learn a lesson from this!

What you, as my future owner, should definitely know:

I already mentioned that I am a very confident dog. However, I have to admit - even if I don't like to do it - that I tend to overestimate myself sometimes. For example, it may well happen that I want to take over the regime in the household. Or from time to time I get into a fight with larger contemporaries and defend my position by barking.

As you can see, I really don't lack courage. My future owner should therefore train me consistently and have a lot of patience and assertiveness with me. In this way we will grow together into an unbeatable team.

Now I would also like to explain to you where my self-confidence comes from: I was originally bred to work underground. I was completely on my own during the hunt. So I had no choice but to have a high level of self-confidence because I had to make all the decisions myself and there was no one else who could have guided me in dangerous situations, such as an encounter with a fox or badger.

For this reason, my willingness to bond with people is not as intense as with other dog breeds. However, that doesn't mean that you can't build an intense relationship with me, you just have to be very consistent, patient and knowledgeable and, at best, train me as a puppy. My stubbornness can be controlled wonderfully if you consistently guide me as a young dog and show me my limits.

In short: you just have to be the more stubborn of the two of us!

Since I am very attentive, I am also very suitable as a watchdog. But I also really enjoy wandering around alone and exploring my surroundings. If you want to keep me as a family dog, you should attach great importance to good socialization and training. If you are traveling or even living in areas rich in game, you should always keep one thing in mind: a rabbit is always more important to me than obeying you. Although I am a very hard-working animal, I have a great hunting instinct that I cannot shake, even with good training. So you have to take extra care of me. But don't worry, together we'll get it done!

As you can see, I am an extremely loving companion and will be with my owner through thick and thin throughout the dachshund's life.

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