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Article: The Dalmatian – the spotted beauty

Der Dalmatiner  die getupfte Schönheit PALOPA

The Dalmatian – the spotted beauty

Woof, woof, and hello! How nice that you are interested in my dog ​​breed “the Dalmatian”. You will recognize me straight away by my unique fur, which has a special feature: it is white and has lots of black or brown, small, round dots. Of course, it's also possible that you know me from the Disney classic “101 Dalmatians”. Since the release of this film, I have become one of the most famous dog breeds in the world.

Today I would like to convince you of my nature and tell you what is particularly important to me personally in my dog's everyday life so that we can form a strong team.

I am generally classified as a medium-sized dog and am slim and elegant in stature. My short coat is easy to care for and has a healthy shine. However, if you choose me, you should get used to the fact that my stubborn hair gets stuck in all types of clothing and furniture. But if it's just one evil...😊

What you, as my future owner, should definitely know:

I am full of energy and am very active. That's why I'm best off in an active and sporty family, where someone can always take care of me. Whether it's long walks, dog training or a long game, I enjoy it all. And I rarely say no to a visit to the swimming lake.

I used to be used as a carriage dog. This explains why I am such an enduring runner and why I love accompanying my owner on long bike rides, horseback riding or jogging.

Because of my open-minded and bright nature, I am always friendly towards people. I am affectionate, loyal, smart, and quickly adapt to the everyday life of my owners. My passion is generous caresses and cuddles. As you may have noticed, I am generally quite easy-going and loyal to my owners. A gentle upbringing quickly turns me into a calm and reliable family dog ​​with good socialization .

Every now and then I can be a bit stubborn and want to get my own way. Therefore, determination and clarity play a very special role in my upbringing. I react very sensitively to stress. The best way to train me is with lots of positive energy, praise and love.

Another characteristic feature of mine is my pronounced mine game. Especially when I'm happy, such as when greeting someone, I pull my lips way back to show you or other people my best smile. You will definitely smile when you see me beaming at you. A funny peculiarity, right?

If you are aware that with me as a Dalmatian you have a particularly sporty dog ​​who needs a lot of activity and love, you will be very happy with me. I look forward to our time together!

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