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Article: The perfect resting place for your dog

Der perfekte Ruheplatz für deinen Hund PALOPA

The perfect resting place for your dog

Your dog's sleeping behavior is very different from human sleep. As a daytime dozer, he has an extremely high need for rest and alternates between half-sleep (dozing) and deep sleep phases in which he processes his day's experiences. Overall, your four-legged friend sleeps an average of 18-20 hours a day, so it is particularly important that you give him enough sleep and rest periods.

Every dog ​​has their own ideas about where they prefer to spend their sleep and rest breaks and where they would like to disappear into dreamland. You can find out which requirements the perfect resting place for your four-legged friend should ideally meet in this PALOPA blog post.

The Golden Rule is: When your dog is in his quiet zone, no one should disturb him or pet him.

The rest zone is a place for your dog to retreat and provides sleep and privacy, protection from excessive demands and for observation. Your dog can enter and leave this area independently and can actively decide who is allowed to enter the area or whether he would rather be alone.

A place to recharge your batteries

Whether in the middle of the path, on the cozy carpet, the cold tiles, or in the cozy dog ​​bed - your dog can basically relax in many different places. What is important, however, is that he can watch you from his seat and not miss anything. This is because your four-legged friend is a pack animal by nature and always seeks to be close to you.

In order to switch off perfectly, your dog should have enough space in his dog bed. Make sure you choose the right size for your dog's breed. Although your dog usually lies curled up, the lying surface of the dog bed should be sized so that your dog can fully stretch out. The dog bed should also have high side edges - because your dog can rest his head comfortably on these while watching you.

Are you unsure which size suits your four-legged friend? In our PALOPA online shop we give you information about the corresponding dog breeds for each of our dog bed variants.

And now to the location of the ideal resting place: Your dog feels best cared for in a quiet corner in the living room, as far away as possible from the main activity in the house, with its back against the wall. This way he can see the rest of the room without feeling like he's missing anything. You should also make sure that its place is protected from drafts and direct sun. As an alternative to the classic dog bed as a place to retreat, you can also set up a dog box. Many dogs like the feeling of resting in a small, safe den.

Find the right balance

Your dog would like to be there always and everywhere. That's why it's extremely important that you, as the team leader, tell your four-legged friend when he has to keep his rest times and also protect him from himself from time to time. Similar to us humans, dogs also react negatively to sleep deprivation. They are tense, nervous, overexcited or their concentration is suffering and of course you should counteract this.

The Fred dog bed from PALOPA

It impresses with its quality, comfort and design. The use of sustainable materials in combination with thoughtful details and a modern fit make our dog bed your dog's new favorite place.

Thanks to the ergonomic mattress, your dog will always lie comfortably and comfortably. The special viscose foam inside adapts ideally to the shape of your body. This protects his shoulders, hips and spine. The border filled with recycled polyester offers the ideal head rest. The non-slip nubs on the underside of the dog bed provide optimal grip.

The duvet cover, the filling pillows and the protective cover of the mattress are machine washable at 60 °C. The mattress itself can be cleaned by hand washing. This means the Fred dog bed always stays clean and odor-free.

And thanks to the special construction of several chambers and the use of a very resilient and hard-wearing material, the Fred dog bed retains its shape even after years.

The dog bed was developed together with dog experts and is available in different colors and sizes as well as with separate replacement or interchangeable covers.

Want even more dog knowledge? Become part of the PALOPA community! Together with the experts from the HUNDIVERSUM ®, we regularly provide you with tips and information and look forward to a regular exchange.

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