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Article: Cool newsletter freebies for your Instagram Stories

Coole Newsletter Freebies für deine Instagram Stories PALOPA

Cool newsletter freebies for your Instagram Stories

Are you fed up with the standard Instagram story stickers and want to freshen up your story a bit? Then don't miss out on our cool story sticker packages, which you can regularly secure via our newsletter. Our stickers are designed with great attention to detail and harmonize wonderfully with each other in terms of color and theme. This makes your and your best buddy's Instagram stories just incredibly casual!

If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, you can do so here . Feel free to tell your pet parent friends about our sticker packages.

In this article, we will explain step by step how you can use our story stickers on your cell phone. Let's go!

This is how you get our PALOPA stickers on your smartphone

Our stickers are available for you to download in a packed folder as a .zip file. Before downloading, you should download a free app to unzip the zip file from the Apple or Google Play Store. Unzip, for example, is suitable for this.

Note: If you download on your laptop, you can transfer the unpacked stickers to your cell phone via airdrop or USB cable, for example.

Then download our freebie package (you will find the link in your newsletter email) and open the file in the Unzip app. The app will now unzip the zip file and you can save all stickers in your photo library.

Tip: It's best to save the stickers in a separate album. This means you can always access them quickly and easily and save yourself having to search through your entire photo library.

Apple: This is how you load our PALOPA stickers into your story

Open Instagram (IG) and shoot or upload your story. Now leave IG and open your “Story Sticker” photo album. Here you select the appropriate sticker that you would like to use for your story. Then click on the “Share” button and then “Copy Photos”. Now your story sticker is on the clipboard.

Return to your Instagram app. Now your copied image will appear as a popup at the bottom left of your story and you can place it in your story by clicking on it.

Tip: If you miss the pop-up window, that's no problem at all. Simply click on the text function in your story and use the “Insert” function there (tap once in the text field). Since the sticker is saved in your clipboard, it will be easily pasted here too.

You can repeat the steps as often as you like and therefore add several stickers to your story. Then place your stickers where you want them in your story. And that's it!

Android: This is how you load our PALOPA stickers into your story

First download the “Swiftkey” keyboard on your cell phone and then activate it as the keyboard you use. Switch to your Instagram app and create your story or upload an already crazy story. Now select the text function and click on the emoji icon and then on the pin symbol.

You can now use the “Create” button to select all the stickers you want to insert. They remain saved in the keyboard even if you later remove them from your photo library. You can now select the stickers you want from this collection and insert them into your story.

We hope you enjoy our story stickers! Feel free to link us in your story ( @palopa_pets ), then we can repost it.

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