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Article: Golden Retriever – family dog ​​with charm

Golden Retriever  Familienhund mit Charme PALOPA

Golden Retriever – family dog ​​with charm

Whether as a cheerful companion during sports, as a loyal soul in everyday life or as a family dog ​​- the Golden Retriever is a very people-oriented dog and needs a close family connection. As a particularly active and intelligent dog breed, the Goldie loves mental and physical challenges. He finds water everywhere and will hardly miss an opportunity to take a long bath in the cool water.

You can read about the other advantages and characteristics of the Golden Retriever, how its owner can make it the happiest dog in the world and what type of people the dog breed is ideal for in the following PALOPA blog post.

The Golden Retriever, also known as Goldie, is a strong, elegant, medium-sized to large dog with a particularly friendly charisma. What makes him unmistakable is his wavy fur and his golden color, which also gives him his name. Golden Retrievers come in various shades of gold, from very light to very dark, as well as cream.

Bundle of energy with high empathy

The Golden Retriever's temperament is balanced, friendly and good-natured - he seems to like almost every living creature on earth. But who exactly does the dog breed actually suit? And what qualities should the owner have?

Ideally, the Golden Retriever has a sporty owner because he needs a lot of exercise. It goes without saying that its owner has to go for several walks a day, whatever the wind and weather. A great companion when cycling or jogging, he particularly enjoys trips to the water to develop his swimming skills.

The Golden Retriever wants a lot of intensive time with his owner - if he has to stay alone for many hours a day, for example because his family works full time, this is difficult for him. The Goldie is a very sensitive dog that requires a lot of empathy from its owner and needs clear rules when it comes to training. Intensive work creates a close bond between him and his owner.

The Goldie also feels very comfortable in the presence of children. However, as with any other breed of dog, an important rule applies here: no matter how good-natured a dog is, you should always keep in mind that it still remains unpredictable. That's why you should train your Golden Retriever well when dealing with children and always supervise your children. It's best to educate your children about how to properly interact with dogs before the dog moves into his new home. They quickly learn that dogs also need rest time, among other things.

A real lifesaver

The Goldie not only loves to fulfill the tasks of his owner to the fullest satisfaction, but also proves to be a working dog at the highest level. Due to its high intelligence, patience and enthusiasm, the Golden Retriever makes an excellent service, guide or therapy dog ​​and provides indispensable services. He is also a popular helper in drug investigations and explosives searches for customs or the police.

The Goldie in check

Due to its docileness, tolerance, child-friendliness and particularly good-natured nature, the Golden Retriever is considered an ideal family dog ​​and therapy dog. With his sensitive character traits, he wants a close bond with his family or his partner and needs a lot of attention. In the truest sense of the word, a real treasure of gold!

Did you know?

Did you know that our brand PALOPA was also created by two unique Golden Retriever sisters. The name PALOPA stands for “Paula loves Pauline”. The two ladies have accompanied our team as office dogs from the very beginning and happily welcome our employees every day and sweeten their everyday office life.

Want even more dog knowledge? Become part of the PALOPA community! Together with the experts from the HUNDIVERSUM ®, we regularly provide you with tips and information and look forward to a regular exchange.

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