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Article: Collar and leash cleaning tips

Reinigungstipps für Halsband- und Leine PALOPA

Collar and leash cleaning tips

We want you and your four-legged friend to enjoy our PALOPA products for as long as possible. Admittedly, if you have an active dog, then after various trips or walks through the forest, rain, etc. your dog accessories will no longer look quite the same as they did on the first day. Because which dog doesn't like to roll around in the muddy meadow and cow dung from time to time or jump through mud, wet puddles and snow? Not only is the fur dirty from top to bottom, but also the collar and leash. On top of that, dirt and moisture can also cause the two products to smell unpleasant.

The good news is that you can always do something to ensure that the stylish and high-quality look of our leashes and collars is maintained for as long as possible - with the help of our PALOPA cleaning tips. As with many other everyday things, it is only important that you carry out the care routine regularly and that it is not a one-time thing.

How do you clean our collars and leashes properly?

Our products are easy to clean with a simple hand wash. This protects the fabric of linen and nylon and removes dirt in a particularly gentle way. At the same time, hand washing is much more energy and water-friendly than cleaning in a conventional washing machine. Please use a mild detergent for hand washing, e.g. B. use special dog textile detergents and do not use fabric softener. It is particularly advantageous that you can apply the detergent in a targeted manner.

If your dog is slightly dirty in everyday life, it is sufficient to briefly rinse the collar and leash with clean water and remove the dirt with your fingers or a soft, damp cloth.

For heavier soiling, you should use the following classic handwashing steps.

  1. Before the cleaning process, remove any coarse dirt, such as dried mud, with a soft, damp cloth.
  2. Pour some warm water into your sink or bowl and add the mild detergent. Stir the water until the detergent dissolves.
  3. Then place the products that have been removed from the coarse dirt into the cleaning water and let them soak for a few minutes. It is important that all products are completely covered with water.
  4. You can then gently knead the products and move them back and forth to loosen the dirt. It is important that you do not scrub or wring out the products vigorously.
  5. Then rinse the leash and collar thoroughly with cold water to completely remove any detergent residue. Rinse until the water runs clear and no more foam is visible on the product.
  6. In a final step, squeeze out the cleaned products with a towel and dry the surface-finished metal parts. Then let everything dry in the fresh air for at least 24 hours. Make sure you loosen the knots on the collar and leash slightly so that they can dry completely.

That was it! Now the collar and leash should be fresh, clean and ready for your next adventures with your dog!

We hope that our tips will help you care for our products and wish you and your four-legged friend many years of enjoyment from our PALOPA products!

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