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Article: 10 facts about the PALOPA brand

10 Fakten über die Marke PALOPA PALOPA

10 facts about the PALOPA brand

    1. Our brand name was created by two special dogs. The PALOPA brand was inspired by two Golden Retriever sisters named Paula and Pauline. Hence the brand name PA-LO-PA: Paula loves Pauline. Paula was known in the office as a cuddly diva and Pauline as a good-natured receptionist. Each had its own charm. We miss them both very much and are eternally grateful to them for always being part of PALOPA.
    2. Our products are examined closely. When developing our products, we rely on the know-how of our hard-working and critical office dogs, who test our products extensively before they come onto the market. Our Office Dog Family now has more than six furry friends.
    3. It all started with Fred. All of our products are developed by experienced pet parents in cooperation with qualified dog experts. The origin of the product range and therefore the first PALOPA product that we developed was the Fred dog bed.
    4. Social commitment is very important to us. We donate a contribution of €1.00 from the proceeds of every PALOPA order to the animal refuge in Hanau. This is equivalent to the value needed to feed a dog in need. In addition to the Tiergnadenhof, we support many other social organizations for the welfare of animals. We are also involved in projects that promote positive development in the areas of children, families, nature and climate protection.

    5. For the love of animals, people and nature. Sustainability is firmly anchored in our brand ID and shapes our actions. When developing our products, we pay attention to using durable and resource-saving materials. So you can be sure that we select all of our materials with the greatest care.
    6. A passion project in record time. PALOPA was developed and built within a year by a project team from Lässig GmbH. The Next Generation of Lässig GmbH Jana and Marvin Lässig were primarily responsible for this pilot project. Since then, the two young siblings have continued their parents' pioneering spirit with great passion.
    7. One team, two brands, one mission. Did you know that we have another brand besides PALOPA? While PALOPA has been launching innovative animal products since 2022, LÄSSIG has already successfully revolutionized the baby market since 2007. At their core, both brands are the same: the design is high-quality, stylish and functional, and the production is fair, social and sustainable.
    8. There will be something to celebrate soon! This September we will have our 1 year anniversary. In the last few months we have been able to expand our initial basic range to include eight additional high-quality and functional dog products. We have now successfully established ourselves on the market and are pleased that our products are so well received by you and your four-legged friend.
    9. PALOPA is also available to listen to! The brand's own podcast is called "Animally Casual" and is supplemented with a new episode every month. The two hosts and team members Jana and Anna talk in the podcast about the turbulent challenges in everyday dog ​​life. For the two curious dog parents, no dog topic is left unanswered - from puppy training From nutrition trends to employment tips. Look forward to a lot of concentrated dog knowledge, fun and lots of good entertainment!
    10. Full speed ahead! We don't run out of ideas. Whether practical travel bags, leashes and collars, stylish dog bowls or new colors and designs for our classic snack bags. You can look forward to many more practical accessories for your dog's everyday life in the future.

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