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Article: The four-pawed work colleague

Der vierpfotige Arbeitskollege PALOPA

The four-pawed work colleague

How quickly the weekend always goes by... After you and your dog have spent a lot of time together, taken long walks and enjoyed lots of cuddles, the coming work week is now approaching, packed with lots of appointments. Have you ever thought about taking your four-legged friend with you to work? A great opportunity to spend even more time with him in the future. It's best to ask your employer straight away.

In this PALOPA article you will find out which aspects you should consider if you want your loyal four-legged friend to accompany you to work in the future.

Preparation and arrangements

Of course, taking a dog with you is not desirable or possible at every workplace. In some cases, such as a hospital, company policies, hygiene or safety regulations prohibit the presence of animals. It is obvious that a production hall with dangerous machines is also not a suitable place for a dog.

However, more and more employers are advocating a dog-friendly workplace because, in addition to relieving you as a dog owner, four-legged friends can even contribute to health in the workplace. They also ensure harmony and a good atmosphere and bring the team together!
If you also want to take your friend to the office in the future, the first step you should definitely take is to get the written permission of your:your employer:employer.

Your work colleagues are guaranteed to be happy when they enter the office and are happily greeted with an excited bark. A good start to the day for everyone!

Remember to discuss this with your colleagues in advance, as not all people have a connection to animals. It is important that their concerns or fears are also taken seriously. In the best case scenario, try to take away their fear of your dog by slowly introducing your dog to your colleagues. In addition, you should definitely find out whether there are any allergy sufferers among your teammates.

Short & compact: Advantages of having an office dog

Below we would like to list a few points that can help you convince your employer and your team colleagues to take your dog with you to work. As the saying goes: A dog a day keeps stress away!

  • Taking walks together during your lunch break ensures more exercise at work, promotes creativity and reduces stress.
  • Office dogs are known to improve the general working atmosphere in the company.
  • Petting dogs occasionally has been shown to reduce stress and reduce high blood pressure.
  • Connect dogs! By taking walks together, you can bring colleagues together and give new team members a place in the group more quickly.

What does the perfect “Office Dog” have to be able to do?

In order for your project to be successful, it requires, above all, training and experience. In addition, it is very important that your dog meets certain requirements so that everyday work can function well.

Your dog should:

  • Be well socialized, that is, have a friendly demeanor.
  • Be absolutely house trained.
  • Do not show any territorial behavior so that customers or strangers are not frightened.
  • Have good basic obedience and listen to instructions from you. This is particularly important if, for example, you have to go to a meeting, leave the room and your dog has to be without you for a certain period of time.
  • Don't want to be the center of attention all the time, otherwise you run the risk of disrupting work processes.

Good to know: implementation

If your employer and your colleagues have given their consent, from now on nothing will stand in the way of you entering the office together. Nice views, right?

Below we have listed a few other important aspects that you should consider:

  • Make sure that your dog's place to retreat to is in the immediate vicinity of your own workplace.
  • We recommend a practical dog crate that you can close when you leave the room for a short time.
  • Plan regular, long walks in the fresh air.
  • The best way to exercise your dog properly is to take a long walk in the morning before you enter the office. This means he is tired straight away and can relax in his box and you can focus on your work and appointments in peace.
  • Make sure that your dog has his favorite toy in the office and gets attention from you every now and then during working hours - including from your dog-loving colleagues, of course.
  • Find a colleague who is willing to look after your dog when you are not at home. This gives both your dog security and you a good feeling.

What experiences do we have with office dogs at PALOPA?

We think: the days with dogs in the office are definitely the better days!
Our office in Babenhausen is also supported by a few four-legged colleagues who sweeten our office hours with their joyful wagging tails and are now indispensable. They brighten up our everyday working life by regularly putting a smile on our colleagues' faces through their visits and cuddles or petting. In addition, they are the best critics when developing our PALOPA products.

A successful day at the office is over. What could be nicer than giving your animal colleague a farewell pat and leaving the office in a good mood?

We hope you are now well informed about the general conditions for your four-pawed work colleague and wish you every success in your preparations!

Want even more dog knowledge? Become part of the PALOPA community! Together with the experts from the HUNDIVERSUM ®, we regularly provide you with tips and information and look forward to a regular exchange.

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