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Article: Dorie – our model in the Paw Management Team

Dorie  unser Model im Paw Management Team PALOPA

Dorie – our model in the Paw Management Team

Special features

Dory is characterized by her large, soft floppy ears and her bristly fur. When she is lying on her back and her stomach is visible, you would think she was a Dalmatian because she has some cow spots on her stomach. Apart from one or two gray hairs on her face, Dory has retained her youthful appearance and is often mistaken for a young dog, even though she is already 6 years old.

Character traits

Like many other Beagles, Dory is extremely voracious and can hardly be fed, as is typical of the breed. But she is also very clever and sophisticated - she opens doors and trash cans without any problems, even without getting caught. Dory also loves small children and can hardly be disturbed by them. She loves to cuddle and loves to lean on her cuddly buddy. When the first rays of sunshine come into light, she is a real sun worshipper. As a typical pack dog, she is also characterized by her curiosity, her stubbornness and her ignorance.


One of Dorie's favorite activities is definitely feeding. This hobby is probably at the top of her list, along with sleeping. She prefers to doze in an elevated position on an armchair or chair. Her passion also includes hiking, dog training and playing together with her family.

Favorite product from PALOPA

Of course the Greta snack bag – with contents! In addition to the animal-casual food dispenser, Dory also really likes the Fred dog bed, on which she can comfortably rest her head and snuggle up at any time. Whenever she goes hiking with her family, Dory never wants to be without her dog mat, which protects her from moisture and cold ground.

Best buddy at PALOPA

Very clear answer: Actually everyone with food in their hand, but especially Jana Lässig.

Fun fact

Dory loves sand under her paws and starts sprinting as soon as she touches it. However, at the slightest touch of water, she shakes. She wouldn't go swimming even on the hottest day. Another fun fact about Dory is that she occasionally mistakes other children from a distance for Julia's daughter and gets very excited until she realizes the mix-up. She also really enjoys being a model for PALOPA because she can get a lot of treats from it.

Information about the dog owner

Julia is part of the graphics team and, in addition to designing print media such as packaging and brochures, also takes care of the preparation and supervision of photo shoots and video shoots. Her focus is on the area of ​​social media. Although she grew up with various large dog breeds, such as the Hovawart or the German Shepherd-Bernese Mountain Dog mix, her Beagle dog Dorie has been the biggest challenge for her so far.

What do you like about Dory?

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