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Article: What is an ergonomic dog bed?

Was ist ein ergonomisches Hundebett? PALOPA

What is an ergonomic dog bed?

Dogs sleep up to 20 hours a day. These extended periods of rest are extremely important for your recovery. Four-legged friends alternate between half-sleep (dozing) and deep sleep phases in which they process their daily experiences.
For the general well-being of dogs, it is necessary that they lie comfortably and securely. The more comfortable your dog is, the better he will sleep. With our ergonomic dog beds we want to give your four-legged friend the best possible lying comfort.

In the following blog post we will explain to you what advantages ergonomic dog beds offer and what points you should consider when purchasing one.

An ergonomic dog bed means comfort at the highest level for your four-legged friend. Because of its special construction, this dog bed is specifically tailored to the needs of the dog's body and thus promotes a healthy sleeping position.

Lying area

Compared to normal dog beds, an ergonomic dog bed is made of special materials. A viscoelastic foam, also known as memory foam, is often used. This adapts ideally to the shape of your dog’s body. By distributing the pressure points, the exact areas where your dog rests on the mattress are relieved. This protects his shoulders, hips and spine in the long term. In addition, the memory foam ensures that your dog's weight is evenly distributed on the lying surface.


The sides should be raised and well filled so that your dog can rest his head comfortably while watching you. The raised border is also suitable so that your dog can snuggle up in the corners like a trough and feel safe.

Non-slip base

A non-slip base in the form of non-slip nubs, such as our Fred dog bed, offers your dog stability and support during his rest breaks.

Size selection

In order to switch off perfectly, your dog should have enough space in his dog bed. Therefore, make sure you choose the right size of the dog bed. Although your dog usually lies curled up, the lying surface of the dog bed should be sized so that your dog can fully stretch out.

Are you unsure which size suits your four-legged friend?

In our PALOPA online shop you will find a size overview that will help you make the right choice. Our Fred dog bed is available in 4 different sizes.

We hope you now have a good overview of what points you should consider when choosing an ergonomic dog bed. Finally, all that remains to be clarified is the color selection: Which color do you choose - anthracite, humus or sage?

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