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Article: Initial equipment for the dog

Erstausstattung für den Hund PALOPA

Initial equipment for the dog

The big day you've been waiting for is finally here? Have you decided to get a dog? Then first of all, congratulations on your new addition to the family! So that your home is perfectly equipped for your new family member to move in and your dog can get used to his new surroundings as easily as possible, you should get the necessary initial equipment for your dog in good time.

In this article we have summarized everything you need for your dog in addition to time, patience and love. With these tips, nothing will stand in the way of your happiness together!

Must-have for dogs' initial equipment: Cozy place to sleep

Whether it's a dog bed, basket, blanket or pillow - a sleeping place that belongs entirely to your dog is particularly important for his well-being. This is the place where your dog rests at night, indulges in restful daydreaming, watches you do everything you do, and retreats to rest. A dog bed is therefore a must-have for dogs' initial equipment.

Dog blanket - PALOPA

Collar, leash & harness - comfort when walking the dog

Of course, the right initial equipment for your dog also includes a leash and a collar. We recommend that you buy a collar, leash, etc. together with your dog so that you have the right equipment on site. A beautiful experience that you can share together.

Of course, you can also take the appearance into account when making your purchase decision, but functionality and comfort for your dog should be more important to you. During your shopping trip together, you will definitely notice right away which collar your dog prefers to wear.

Dog bowls etc. - Non-slip, easy to clean

Every dog ​​needs a drinking bowl for fresh water as well as a bowl for his dog food. This should not only visually match your furnishings, but above all be functional. So make sure that the dog bowl is easy to clean, non-slip and in the right size proportion to your dog. If an older and especially larger dog becomes your new companion, they will appreciate a meal from an elevated food bar.

Dog bowl - PALOPA

Your four-legged friend will often be more hungry than his dog bowl - so be sure to get a non-slip bowl base to avoid leftover water and food from accidentally pushing the dog bowl back and forth on your floor while eating.

Of course, a little reward along the way should never be missing! Once your new companion is finally with you, you will spend a lot of time together taking walks in nature. Therefore, you should buy a treat bag for on the go. This small but nice accessory can make it easier for you to practice commands outdoors, often contains practical poop bags and also offers space for your own small accessories, such as a cell phone, keys, etc.

Always on the safe side - medicine cabinet for emergencies

Create a small medicine cabinet that you can use to take care of your four-legged friend in an emergency: thermometer, tick tweezers, bandages, disinfectants and wound ointment are important contents that you should definitely store in it.

For some dogs it is necessary to trim their nails regularly. For this you should use special claw scissors. If you are unsure how much you can trim the claws, consult your trusted veterinarian. It's best to choose these before your dog moves into your home. You can also contact him:her at any time if you have any questions or emergencies. A real helper in an emergency!

Hygiene & care products - wellness for the dog

Make your four-legged friend look good! Every now and then your dog will happily roll around in something smelly, a puddle or mud, so it's beneficial to have a dog shampoo with the appropriate pH on hand. An absorbent and fluffy dog ​​towel will help you dry off. If you want to treat your dog to even more comfort, you can get him a soft and quick-drying dog bathrobe , which is a useful accessory, especially in winter.

Sometimes it is unavoidable that your dog drags the dirt from his walk into his dog bed or otherwise soils his bed. That's why you should wash your dog blankets hygienically regularly. When buying your dog bed, you should also make sure that it can be washed at at least 40 degrees so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Depending on the structure of your dog's fur, the amount of care required for your dog will vary. If you get a long-haired dog, you will need a comb and brush for grooming. For a short-haired dog, however, a simple rubber glove with nubs is sufficient.

Toys – Less is more!

Playing together is not only fun and promotes your dog's mental and physical activity, but will also become an important part of your human-dog relationship. There is a wide variety of dog toys that meet a wide variety of needs and requirements. Pay particular attention to good quality toys, i.e. toys that cannot break easily. In general, however, the following applies: Less is more, because your dog prefers to keep busy with you!

Transport in the car & at home - safe and comfortable

You should definitely get a transport box for shared car journeys. If the size of your car does not allow this, a dog seat belt can also provide the necessary safety on the road. In this case, don't forget to get a comfortable dog mat to protect the seats from dog hair.

You can also take some safety precautions at home: For example, you can set up a baby gate in front of individual rooms or stairs in your apartment that are taboo for your four-legged friend. A sleeping box is also recommended. Especially if you get your dog used to the crate from an early age, it is a helpful accessory if you leave your dog unattended for a short time.

Initial equipment for the dog - checklist:

  • Sleeping space (dog bed or dog pillow)
  • collar
  • Dog leash
  • Dog harness
  • Dog bowl (+ bowl mat)
  • Treat bags
  • Medicine cabinet (thermometer, tick tweezers, bandages, disinfectant, wound ointment and, if necessary, claw scissors)
  • Dog bathrobe
  • Dog towel
  • Care shampoo
  • toy
  • Transport box for the car

Now nothing should stand in the way of a successful start to a life together with your dog! We wish you a wonderful time together!

Dog mat with dog

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