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Article: Arona – The chick in the Paw Management Team

Arona  Das Küken im Paw Management Team PALOPA

Arona – The chick in the Paw Management Team

Special features

If you look closely, you'll notice that Arona has lots of dots in the shape of a heart. She's just a real lady of the heart. It is also characterized by its snow-white head, which is particularly striking due to the small black dot on its snout. She reminds me a bit of Marylin Monroe.

Character traits

Cheerful, cuddly, careful, affectionate, active, curious, protective, happy, beautiful. With her irresistible puppy eyes, she simply has everyone wrapped around her finger.


Like probably every other dog, her favorite activity is clearly: sleeping, cuddling, eating. Arona also loves spending her free time at her dog daycare center, where she can play wonderfully with her four-legged friends and is always completely exhausted afterwards. She is also a little water rat: she loves splashing around in the water in summer and is a passionate swimmer. Every now and then Arona and her owner Anna are also active at dog shows and diligently win the prizes.

Favorite PALOPA product

Definitely the snack bag. He is a daily companion on all our walks and excursions. But Arona also likes to snuggle up in our dog blankets on the couch or in her dog bed. She also loves playing with the blanket and proudly carries it around the entire apartment.

Best buddy at PALOPA

Her best friend in the office is the lively golden retriever dog Emma. The two of them always enjoy running around and playing in our office garden. This way you can use both bundles of energy wonderfully. The picture speaks for itself.

Fun fact

Shortly after Arona arrived in her new home, she already had her first dog modeling job with PALOPA in her pocket. Together with her grandma (Dalmatian dog Masha) she stood in front of the camera for PALOPA's first photo shoot. The photos turned out really sweet and are a nice souvenir of her puppyhood, which went by far too quickly.

Information about the dog owner

Anna, the owner of Arona, is part of the social media team and works in corporate communications at PALOPA. She has been surrounded by Dalmatians her whole life because her parents are Dalmatian breeders. Arona is her first own dog. She shares all of her initial worries and the various stages of Arona's development phases together with Jana Lässig in the dog podcast “Tierisch lässig” . Every now and then you may spot Arona and Anna together in videos or photos on Instagram. The two really make an unbeatable duo!

What do you like about Arona?

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