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Article: Advent calendar for your four-legged friend

Adventskalender für deinen Vierbeiner

Advent calendar for your four-legged friend

Would you like to give your four-legged friend a special treat in the run-up to Christmas? Then give him a homemade dog Advent calendar and be inspired by our ideas for filling the doors.

To conjure up the basic structure of your dog Advent calendar, it is best to use small paper bags or bags. Attach this to a large branch with some cord or string and find a suitable place in your home. You can simply write daily tasks on a piece of paper and then attach them to the branch with wooden clothespins.

You can fill the 24 bags or paper bags however you like. After all, you know your four-legged friend best and know what things he is most happy about.

We have put together our 24 ideas for filling the bags below.

  1. Today there are homemade dog biscuits such as Parmesan dog cookies or tuna cookies. Click here for the recipe idea.
  2. Give your dog a new toy.
  3. New look: Your dog gets a new collar.
  4. We're going on an extra-large walk today.
  5. Arrange a play date with 2-3 dog friends.
  6. Today there will be lots of cuddling. Give your dog a few extra cuddles.
  7. Prepare a Christmas backdrop at home and take a few photos. These are ideal as a motif for your Christmas cards this year.
  8. To-Do for the day: A new trick will be learned today.
  9. Have you ever tried playing Frisbee together? No? Then let's go!
  10. Veggie Day: Today there are only vegetarian treats and dog food.
  11. Beauty Day! Trimming claws, cleaning ears and grooming are the order of the day.
  12. Try out a new dog walking route together.
  13. Today we serve a Schleckmatte with liver sausage.
  14. Today we have some delicious homemade dog biscuits again.
  15. Today, try to pay more attention not to talk to your dog, but to communicate with body language.
  16. Behind this door there is a dog bathrobe to snuggle up in.
  17. Hide a few treats in a blanket and wrap them together. Then place the blanket in a large box. Your dog now has to find the treats. A great activity idea!
  18. Today your favorite dog bed will be intensively cleaned again. So your four-legged friend can feel really comfortable again.
  19. Do sports together today. For example, go jogging together or try yoga.
  20. The new collar is put on and off we go into town. Today you will visit a cozy café together.
  21. Today there is a delicious chewing stick for your darling!
  22. Behind this door there is a new cozy blanket for warm and cozy hours.
  23. Take a trip to the snow!
  24. Paint your four-legged friend's paw with colorful paint and then press it onto a white canvas. A wonderful memory that will definitely find a beautiful place in your home.

We hope that the daily games, walks or cuddles together will help you and your four-legged friend grow even closer together in the run-up to Christmas and strengthen your bond.

We wish you a beautiful Christmas season!

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