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Article: Visibility in the dark

Sichtbarkeit in der Dunkelheit PALOPA

Visibility in the dark

Safety first! Your dog's safety should always come first. Especially in the dark seasons of autumn and winter, you should make sure that your dog is clearly visible to road users such as drivers, walkers or cyclists every time you go for a walk.

In this blog post we will explain to you how you can improve your dog's visibility.

Reflective dog accessories

A particularly easy way to increase your dog's visibility is to use reflective dog harnesses or collars as well as reflective dog clothing. These are equipped with special materials that reflect light. This means your dog is clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions.

LED collars and pendants

These glowing accessories are easy to put on and provide a continuous source of light that can be turned on and off as needed. Small bicycle lights can also be easily and flexibly attached to the collar and leash. This saves you having to buy new accessories.

Pay attention to your own clothing

You shouldn't ignore your own safety either: whether it's bright clothing, reflective vests and jackets or classic headlights and flashlights, remember that you are clearly visible.

Avoid unlit streets

Choose well-lit dog walking routes to minimize the risk of accidents. If you can, adjust your dog walking times depending on the lighting conditions. Make sure you choose unlit paths and streets during the day.

GPS tracker

A GPS tracker on the dog collar can not only help you find your dog in the dark, but also quickly track him down if he runs away.

Take good care of yourself and your four-legged friend!

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