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Article: How do I know if my dog ​​is cold?

Woran erkenne ich, dass mein Hund friert? PALOPA

How do I know if my dog ​​is cold?

Does this behavior sound familiar? You have to force your four-legged furry friend to walk out the door because he's reluctant to go out into the cold with all four paws. Very few of us like rainy weather and bitter cold. When it gets colder outside, it's not just us humans who are affected. Dogs also freeze during the cold season. But fresh air and continuous exercise are essential for the well-being of dogs even in winter.

Freezing dogs show signs such as:

    • Tense posture, hunched back and tucked tail
    • Dog starts shaking
    • Slowed walking

    If you notice that your dog is showing these symptoms, you should definitely take appropriate measures, such as planning several short walks a day and temporarily avoiding long walks.

    Dogs sensitive to cold: When do dogs get cold?

    How well a dog tolerates the cold depends on various factors, such as dog breed, body weight, condition, health and coat type. Some dog breeds have even been bred specifically to live in colder climates (e.g. Huskies or Newfoundlands). In general, however, you can remember that your dog always adapts to the outside temperature.

    Dog with coat - PALOPA

    When the temperature drops towards 0°C, you as the owner of a cold-sensitive dog can use functional dog clothing. A warm coat that covers your dog's entire back is useful in cold temperatures. Make sure that the size of the coat is selected optimally. The item of clothing must not hinder your four-legged friend's movements or negatively influence his body language.

    Characteristics of cold-sensitive dogs: Do dogs get cold on their paws?

    Below we have listed a few characteristics of dog types that are particularly susceptible to cold sensitivity in dogs . However, that doesn't mean that all other dogs are insensitive to the cold.

      • Small dogs with low body weight
      • Dogs with short fur (e.g. Rhodesian Ridgeback)
      • Dogs without undercoat (e.g. Doberman)
      • Puppies
      • Seniors
      • Dogs with joint problems

      Your dog's paws can also be sensitive to cold. If you spend a long time outside in cold weather, your dog's paws can be damaged by contact with cold surfaces. Make sure you check your dog's paws regularly and, if necessary, use protective dog shoes to protect them from cold and injuries.

      Attention – risk of colds: Ideal room temperature for dogs

      Dogs can also catch colds. Make sure that your short-haired dog in particular does not lie on a cold surface for too long or is exposed to drafts. This can lead to a bladder infection or a cold. The ideal room temperature for dogs is between 18°C ​​and 22°C.

      It is also important for your dog to keep him dry after a walk or a bath to prevent him from catching a cold. A dog bathrobe helps with this.

      Dogs with coats in winter

      Do dogs get cold when sleeping? How to tuck your dog in at night?

      Back home, your dog will quickly warm up again, the shaking will stop and he will relax again. But what does it feel like when your dog sleeps? In fact, dogs can also feel cold while sleeping, especially if they are sensitive to low temperatures. It's a good idea to make your dog'ssleeping space extra cozy during the cold months and keep the ideal room temperature for your dog between 18°C ​​and 22°C.

      With the help of warming dog blankets you can make your four-legged friend's sleeping place cozy and warm. Make sure that the blanket is breathable and offers your dog enough freedom of movement.

      Some dogs like to hide under a blanket, while others prefer to move around freely. Observe your dog's behavior to determine whether or not he wants to tuck in at night. It is important that your dog feels comfortable and safe.

      We wish you and your four-legged friend a wonderful winter time!

      Dog chews on stick - winter forest

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