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Article: Spitz – the one with the lion’s mane

Spitz  der mit der Löwenmähne PALOPA

Spitz – the one with the lion’s mane

You read that right. That little fluffy ball of fur with the magnificent lion's mane is me. I am particularly noticeable because of my pointed snout and my small, close-set ears: some people think my head resembles a fox. However, I see it differently. I am also known for my bushy curly tail and, as a small Pomeranian, I am a popular lap dog.

Whether black, white, grey, brown or orange my fur color can be very different. I also come in different sizes: the larger versions as Wolfsspitz, Großspitz or Mittelspitz and the smaller ones as Kleinspitz, Dwarf Spitz or Pomeranian.

I am one of the oldest German dog breeds and in the past was often kept as a guard and farm dog. Even today, I still have particularly good watchdog qualities: I am extremely barking and have a natural distrust. An unbeatable combination. I assure you that I always keep a close eye on my territory. You can count on me to report any special occurrences to you.

This is also the reason why I am becoming increasingly popular as a dog these days, especially in rural areas. Farmers value me as a watchdog and are particularly grateful that I am not prone to poaching, which saves them a lot of trouble.

I tend to be a bit possessive at times - so you should definitely set clear boundaries for me. I am fast, spirited and am very well suited to sports that require skill, obedience and movement. I bring a very good overall package.

Are you now interested in taking in an intelligent, bright Pomeranian like me? Then don't waste any time and start looking! I look forward to getting to know you.

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