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Article: Well prepared for emergencies

Für-den-Notfall-gut-gerüstet PALOPA

Well prepared for emergencies

Of course, no one wants to assume that something will happen to their beloved four-legged friend - but small accidents in everyday dog ​​life happen faster than you think. Even a small scratch caused by violent fighting with other animals, a tick or a sore paw is enough for you to have to react. Ultimately, these small wounds can also become infected and cause pain for your four-legged friend.

Providing first aid or having a small first aid kit in your dog's home is very important - both to provide your dog with care as quickly as possible and to bridge the time until your vet may be able to provide him with further treatment.

A well-equipped first aid kit often helps prevent worse things from happening and can sometimes even be life-saving for your four-legged friend.

What goes into the first aid kit?

Basically, it is important that the first aid kit contains everything you need to help your dog quickly and effectively in an emergency.

Imagine your four-legged friend has a chip of wood stuck in his paw? You can quickly help him with the tweezers that you have in your first aid kit. 

However, when putting together the set, you should also take your dog's individual needs into account. For example, does he need long-term medication because he has a lot of allergies or intolerances? These medications also belong in your first aid kit. Remedies for diarrhea and vomiting are also extremely helpful and can be a useful addition to your set.

You can equip the small bag as you wish. You can also seek advice from your veterinarian at any time regarding the best equipment for an emergency.

We have put together a small PALOPA checklist for you below, which you can also print out here :

Do you already know our Bano first aid kit?

Our compact dog first aid bag consists of two compartments with mesh inserts for optimal visibility and a main zippered compartment. It can be easily opened and closed using a Velcro fastener and can be hung flexibly using a hook. This means that medications, care products, bandages, etc. can be optimally stored and you can quickly have them to hand.

Due to its compact size, the first aid kit from PALOPA is not only suitable for use at home, but also for on the go. For example, you can put an emergency kit in your car.

Of course, we hope that your first aid kit is used as little as possible. Still, it's a good feeling to know that you're well equipped in an emergency.

We wish you and your four-legged friend all the best!

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