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Article: The sporty companion dog: Australian Shepherd

Der sportliche Begleithund: Australian Shepherd PALOPA

The sporty companion dog: Australian Shepherd

Active, clever and friendly. This is how I would describe myself briefly and concisely in a few words. It is often said about me that I radiate convincing happiness and joy of life. I definitely agree with that. But of course there are many more facts about me that you should know about me and my dog ​​breed. I have summarized the most important things about my personality for you in this blog post. Are you excited? Well then, let's go.

Compared to other dog breeds, I am more of a medium-sized dog. I have triangular tilted ears, a well-shaped, slim muzzle and a well-proportioned head. My hair is medium length, wavy to straight and comes in many colors. Characteristic of me are the predominantly white areas around my eyes and ears, which give me my face. Another special feature is my eye color. From light blue to brown to amber, my eyes can take on many color combinations. In some cases I even have two different colored eyes.

Based on my name, you're most likely guessing that I'm from Australia. But this is not the case. I was originally bred in the USA as a herding dog for the Australian Sheep - and that's where my name comes from. American farmers wanted a dog that could both keep their sheep in check and protect the farm. The working dog with a strong herding and protective instinct that is within me is still reflected in my character traits today.

To this day, I take the task of protecting the farm and family very seriously. This drive should not be underestimated either. Every now and then you might catch me trying to herd a passing cyclist, children, joggers or even grazing sheep and cows.

In general, I am very affectionate towards people and prefer to be there always and everywhere. I have the special ability to enchant those around me with my cheerful disposition and my bright nature. I am extremely family and child friendly, I am very social and interested and I enjoy every new adventure. In short: I am simply a loyal soul. The desire to please my owner and to learn is very strong for me. This also has a positive effect on my upbringing because I am considered to be very eager to learn. On the other hand, I initially appear reserved towards strangers, but then I quickly become friends with them.

As a big bundle of energy, I am considered one of the most agile dog breeds ever, which is why I should definitely be sufficiently challenged. I have no problem learning new commands or rules of behavior. But I also have to admit that I quickly figure out how to get my way - at least when my owner isn't consistent or attentive enough. I want to think and work. I am very persistent and can work with concentration for long periods of time.

Whether it's agility, dog dance, obedience or dog frisbee - with a lot of exercise you give me great joy. I am enthusiastic about almost all dog sports. For me, a mixture of mental and physical exertion is the optimal level of exercise. Here I am capable of absolute top performance. Promised.

Because of my loyalty to duty and intelligence, I am sometimes used by authorities and rescue services for tracking work, for example to detect drugs. In general, I am always very happy about training to become a therapy dog, guide dog or rescue dog.

As you can see, I have a lot of advantages to offer. Admittedly, I am also a dog that likes to be challenged. If you are an active person who is willing to work intensively with me, then you have come to the right place. I'm excited to get to know you.

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