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Article: We are actively committed to animal protection

Wir engagieren uns aktiv für den Tierschutz PALOPA

We are actively committed to animal protection


Animal protection refers to all activities that enable animals to lead a species-appropriate life.

The Animal Protection Act states that we humans have a responsibility for animals. Because according to the law, an animal is a fellow creature. No one should cause pain or suffering to an animal without a reasonable reason. Animal protection is therefore based on the integrity of the individual animal.
Unfortunately, there are many people who still seem to be unfamiliar with animal protection law.

Exposed animal cruelty, overloaded animal transport, poor husbandry systems in agriculture, torturous breeding and inappropriate husbandry are just a few of the stories that regularly appear in the media. Pets purchased carelessly that are given away or even abandoned - another, unfortunately often repeated procedure.

Animal rights activists and animal shelters around the world are making great efforts to rehome mistreated or abandoned animals and offer them a safe haven.

Did you know already? World Animal Day takes place once a year as a special day for animal protection.


Since the company was founded, social commitment has been very important to us. The protection of animals is part of this and is important to us, because animals are an important part of ecological balance. It is important for us to find solutions to protect the shared habitat of people, animals and nature. For this reason, we are specifically committed to sustainable animal protection.

Our goal is to set a positive example to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and to think. Because we are of the opinion that anyone who protects animals and exemplifies this attitude automatically contributes to non-violent social interaction.
For a better world in which all animals can live peacefully and respectfully.

Did you know already? In addition to our commitment to animals, we also support a variety of social organizations that are dedicated to protecting children, families and nature. You can read more about it here .


There are now a large number of animal protection organizations. Each one is committed in their own way - but none are better or worse, because they all fundamentally focus on one goal: protecting animals and giving them a dignified life.

Whether as a company or as a private individual, there are various ways to get actively involved in animal protection. For example, through donations in kind or money, taking on sponsorships or volunteering.

We have worked intensively on which project suits us best and where we as a company can achieve as much and as effectively as possible within the scope of our possibilities. During our research we came across the animal refuge.

The sanctuary is located in Hanau, Hesse, and offers homeless, old and sick animals or animals that have had a particularly difficult time in life a loving and permanent home. Not only dogs, horses, llamas and chickens live here, but also pigs, sheep and goats. Most of the time, all of these animals have suffered a lot of abuse and have no chance of being adopted.

Thanks to the two dedicated founders John and Drane and their motivated team, the animals there receive, in addition to the best possible veterinary treatment, the care and love that they have previously been denied. The animals are gradually regaining their self-confidence.

Thanks to the proximity to our company headquarters, we can always personally visit the animals at the sanctuary and get an idea of ​​their location, condition and developmental stages. It's always nice to see that the animals in the animal refuge are well looked after and can finally have a good life.

We are happy to support the valuable work of the animal refuge with a monthly monetary donation and regular donations in kind.


In times of increasing globalization, international exchange is particularly important for the further development of animal protection law. Not only to benefit from the experiences of others, but also to develop cross-border solutions together.

What we particularly appreciate about the animal refuge in Hanau is the commitment of the two founders, which goes beyond borders. John and Drane also work tirelessly for their southern Italian partner animal shelter in Campi. There they cover the costs of veterinary care, medication and food and raise awareness among the population through educational work on the subject of animal protection. An important step towards improvement.


You too can support the animal refuge by purchasing our PALOPA products. We donate €2.00 from the proceeds of your order in the PALOPA shop to the animal refuge in Hanau.

This is equivalent to the value needed for a meal for a dog in need. Together we can achieve great things!

Your trust is important to us! We will inform you regularly about the success and impact of our donation via our newsletter and on social media.

Let's help animals in need together!

Want even more dog knowledge? Become part of the PALOPA community! Together with the experts from the HUNDIVERSUM ®, we regularly provide you with tips and information and look forward to a regular exchange.

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