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Article: Clever activity ideas for at home

Clevere-Beschäftigungsideen-für-zuhause PALOPA

Clever activity ideas for at home

Do you know those days when you just want to get back into the warmth as quickly as possible? If the weather is bad, the walk with the dog is usually shorter than usual. However, rain, wind and cold are no excuse for making your dog's activity monotonous or even neglecting it. There's a lot more potential for gaming within your own four walls than you might think. The indoor activities do not replace your daily walk, but they ensure that your dog is allowed to express himself cognitively and also promote the bond between you and your dog.

In this blog post we give you a few creative suggestions on how you can easily keep your four-legged friend busy at home.

  • General training of commands and tricks: You can easily challenge your dog mentally by using your time together at home to teach him different commands.
  • Nose work with the help of search games: There is often no space for wild romping within your own four walls. Search games are just as good for your four-legged friend. And the great thing is that all you need is a few tasty treats and good hiding places. Send your dog to his place. Then, while he watches you, distribute individual treats in a few obvious places (e.g. the floor) around your home. Then you give the command “Search”. Over time, you can increase the difficulty and hide the treats in elevated places, behind or under furniture, for example.
  • Tug games as a small game for in between: Make sure that you determine the beginning and end of the game. Your dog should therefore accept that the game is stopped and let go of his toy when it is clearly “off”. Some four-legged friends are so enthusiastic about what they're doing that they growl at you in the heat of the moment. However, this is usually meant to be playful and there is no reason to worry.
  • Use of snack balls as reward toys: The special toy has an opening so that you can fill it with your four-legged friend's favorite treats. Now your dog has to make an effort to get to the food. Dogs love to roll the snack balls around with their noses until the treats finally fall out. A nice idea to keep your dog busy for a good half an hour.
  • Agility for at home: Don't worry, you don't have to turn your entire living room into an obstacle course. In fact, agility in the living room requires very little effort. For example, a shelf between two chairs creates an initial obstacle. Or you can let your dog jump from one seat cushion to the next. You can also easily conjure up a crawling tunnel: place two chairs next to each other and hang a blanket over them.
  • The Towel Intelligence Game for Dogs: You need a towel and treats. First, spread the towel flat on the floor. Then show your dog how to place treats on it. Then fold or roll the towel up so that the treat disappears inside. Now your dog has to try to dig the treat out of the towel. Whether with a paw or a snout – everything is allowed. Over time, you can also hide several treats in the towel to increase the difficulty level a little.

Important NOTE:

  1. The focus of all games should always be on the fun factor. Be patient, not every dog ​​has the same comprehension skills. Some dogs need a little practice, especially in search games.
  2. Despite the highest quality, no toy is indestructible! Always supervise your dog when giving him toys to keep him busy. Check the toy after use. If you find any cracks or loose pieces, the toy needs to be replaced.

All games have one thing in common: they encourage your four-legged friend's attention and offer creative variety in addition to walks and long walks in the fresh air.

We hope that our suggestions will help you find a suitable game for you and your four-legged friend. Have fun imitating!

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