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Article: Bucket list 2024 - things to do for you and your four-legged friend

Diese Dinge sollten du und dein Vierbeiner 2023 gemeinsam erleben PALOPA

Bucket list 2024 - things to do for you and your four-legged friend

Shared experiences bring people together and strengthen the bond and trust between humans and dogs. Of course, this also includes daily walks and time spent with your animal friend.

But how about extraordinary, funny, adventurous and a little crazy experiences and activities that you remember with a smile even after a long time?

We have put together a bucket list for you and your four-legged friend that you can work through together. The practical thing is that you can also download the bucket list here , print it out and hang it on your pin board, for example.

  • Celebrate a dog birthday party
  • Braid a dog collar yourself
  • Donate food to a nearby animal shelter
  • Attend a dog show
  • Going to a dog fair together
  • Have a veggie day once a month
  • Try dog ​​dancing
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Go on a hiking holiday with your dog
  • Photo shoot with dog
  • Take your dog to the office
  • Bake dog biscuits
  • Go swimming together
  • Meeting the dog's siblings at a breed meeting
  • Sort out dog items and donate them to a good cause
  • Visit a dog park
  • Visit a dog cafe
  • Therapy Dog Visit: Spread joy together in a care facility
  • Veterinary training
  • Winter hike
  • Camping trip
  • Dog wellness day
  • Create a photo book to capture memories
  • Create paw prints as a work of art
  • Picnic in the forest
  • Go jogging together
  • Sledging
  • Doggy date
  • Animal friendly volunteer work
  • Visit to a farm or a wildlife park

Want even more dog knowledge? Become part of the PALOPA community! Together with the experts from the HUNDIVERSUM ®, we regularly provide you with tips and information and look forward to a regular exchange.

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