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Natur - Landschaft


Healthy forests and a good climate are mutually dependent. Unfortunately, global climate change is causing more and more trees to die. A real vicious circle that we can counteract through clever reforestation. In order to protect the forest and the climate, we cooperate with various environmental protection projects and are also happy to take the spade into our own hands.

Lässig - Engagement - Bäume pflanzen


We're pitching in. Our employees regularly take the spade into their own hands during tree planting campaigns in different regions of Germany. Since the project began, over 30,000 trees have been planted in collaboration with the German Forest Protection Association. We hope that many more trees will follow.


Shark populations are declining worldwide due to overfishing. In particular, the increasing and largely uncontrolled trade in shark fins represents one of the greatest threats to shark populations today. We would like to help protect sharks and support the SHARKPROJECT Germany eV initiative. The association is committed to shark and species protection as well as the protection of marine ecosystems.

Biene auf Blüte


Bees are dying, worldwide. At the top of the list of factors that contribute to the death of bees is humans. We support the Abella&Flor project and sponsor beehives that are looked after by trained beekeepers in Mallorca and are regularly checked according to strict ecological regulations.