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Article: Helpful tips for autumn with your four-legged friend

Hilfreiche Tipps für den Herbst mit Vierbeiner PALOPA

Helpful tips for autumn with your four-legged friend

Autumn is here - colorful leaves on the meadows and paths, blue skies and mild air. The days are slowly getting shorter and rain and fog are increasing. So it's time for cozy couch days! In this blog post we give you some cool ideas on how you can get the most out of autumn for your dog and you.

#Discover new hiking routes

Variety is good! Find a few new routes for your walks. There are so many little hidden paths in the forest that you can explore together. Always choosing the same track is boring not only for you, but also for your four-legged friend. There are also various apps that show you cool hiking routes in your area. Maybe also a nice option that can help you make your choice.


Your dog's paws are particularly stressed in autumn. The change between dry heating air and wet, cold weather leads to cracked paw pads. Therefore, care for your pet's paws regularly with, for example, beeswax or shea butter.

#Not for dogs

They are small, pretty and usher in the autumn season every year: chestnuts and acorns. However, they can upset your dog's stomach. That's why you should definitely make sure that your four-legged friend doesn't get the little brown messengers of autumn between his teeth when you go for a walk. You should also be careful with mushrooms. Not all mushrooms are poisonous, but as a precaution, you should keep your dog away from mushrooms.

#Regular grooming

Your four-legged friend is preparing for the cold season by changing his summer coat to his winter coat. The fur needs careful care in autumn. In addition to brushing and bathing, grooming also includes scissors or trimming in order to counteract the matting of the fur in some dog breeds in a timely manner. By removing dead hair, you ensure that the air can circulate better again and the heat regulation can adjust.

#Colds in dogs

Colds in dogs can occur all year round. However, autumn has some factors that can increase the risk of catching a cold. This includes fluctuating temperatures. It's wet and cold weather outside and at home the air is dry and the heating is turned up. This change can weaken the immune system.


Some species of ticks and deer louse flies still thrive in milder temperatures and continue to be active. In addition, there is a type of mite that actually has its peak season from July to October: the autumn grass mite. The tiny larvae of the mite species lurk in tall blades of grass until the end of October. Although they are basically harmless, they still cause unpleasant itching in dogs. However, it often helps if you give your dog a quick shower after running through the meadow.

#Lights make you safe

In autumn the days become shorter. Functional accessories or clothing are suitable to protect your loved one in the dark. A leash and harness or collar with reflective properties increases visibility. Dog coats or safety vests with reflectors are also a good solution for four-legged friends who are sensitive to cold.

#Beware of wild animals

The hunting season begins in autumn. The game is increasingly on the move in order to build up fat reserves for the winter through increased food intake. Your dog will always discover new smells and traces on walks in the great outdoors. Be sure to secure him with a leash in wild areas.

#Protection from the cold

Dogs without an undercoat in particular freeze quickly and can be protected from the cold and wet with a dog coat. Make sure that the dog clothes fit well and do not restrict your dog.

#Cuddle time at home
It's nice and cozy inside. Sensitive four-legged friends in particular enjoy small play and activity sessions at home.

We hope that our numerous tips will help you get your dog well and fit through the fall and that you can enjoy the cozy season together.

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