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Article: Tips for spring with your dog

Tipps für den Frühling mit Hund PALOPA

Tips for spring with your dog

Do you also know the moments when your dog hops through the grass like a puppy and rolls around happily on a green meadow? No wonder, because your four-legged friend is also happy that he no longer has to stomp through the muddy forest. When spring arrives and the first rays of sunshine tickle our noses, everything blooms and smells, our mood improves all by itself and the walks automatically become longer again.

But even in this season of happiness, there are a few things to consider in everyday dog ​​life. We have summarized everything you need to know so that you can enjoy spring with your dog to the fullest.

Coat change

Goodbye winter wool! Now that it is gradually getting warmer, your dog no longer needs its undercoat. That is why it sheds its excess fur for 4 to 8 weeks when spring arrives. In addition to a good vacuum cleaner, regular grooming is also important during the shedding period. Daily brushing promotes blood circulation, ensures better air circulation to the skin and prevents matting.


Beastly beasts! Ticks, fleas, lice and other parasites also become active again in spring. They prefer to stay in damp and shady places, meadows, near bodies of water and in the undergrowth of forests. Despite their miniature size, they can be extremely dangerous for your dog.

Therefore, check your four-legged friend thoroughly after every walk, especially for ticks. Remove the little culprits as quickly as possible by gently twisting the tick tweezers, which every dog ​​household should have.

For even more prevention, you can always ask your veterinarian about antiparasitic medications.

Insect bites and poisonous plants

Spring is known for its beautiful flowers. Among all the colorful flowers and plants, there are also some that can be poisonous to your dog.

These include, for example:

Make sure you prevent your dog from nibbling on plants. Even small amounts can often lead to stomach problems.

The fresh scents of flowers and plants are particularly attractive to insects. Some dogs love to catch flies. In spring in particular, bumblebees, bees, wasps and mosquitoes come out of their holes and buzz around like crazy.

If your dog is an insect catcher, you should not let him out of your sight outside. Some insect bites can lead to life-threatening swelling of the respiratory tract in the throat. Consequently, you should stop him from catching insects from the start.

If your dog is stung anyway, you can first cool the sting with a cold cloth. If you notice swelling or that your dog is having difficulty breathing, please see a vet immediately.

Breeding and nesting season

When you go for your daily walks, be sure to take into account the breeding and nesting season, which is from April 1st to July 15th. Many animals give birth to their young during this time. You should be particularly considerate on all green spaces, meadows and fields. In some federal states, such as Lower Saxony and Bremen, dogs must be kept on a leash during the breeding and nesting season. Violations can even result in a fine.


Spring fever doesn't just ignite in humans. Dogs also release hormones in spring. This makes male dogs particularly susceptible to the smell of female dogs in heat. If you are a male dog owner, please make sure that your dog doesn't bother female dogs and, above all, pay attention to the advice of other dog owners who may give you a signal to keep your distance from a distance.

We hope that our tips will help you prepare for spring and we wish you many sunny hours!

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