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Article: What are the advantages of a pull stop collar?

Welche Vorteile bietet ein Zugstopp-Halsband? PALOPA

What are the advantages of a pull stop collar?

The collar is one of the most important everyday accessories in a dog's life. It not only serves as an identification feature, but also as a leash connection and contributes to the dog's safety. In addition to the classic collar or chest harness, a special type of collar is the pull stop collar. This can be used for everyday use when walking the dog or for training sessions with the dog.

In order to effectively use a collar with a pull stop function , there are a few important aspects to consider, which we will explain in the following blog post.


Collars with a pull stop function are practical, attractive and easy to use. The pull stop collar does not have a buckle and can therefore be easily slipped over the head.

If there is tension on the leash, the collar contracts. So-called stoppers, usually in the form of a metal ring or knot, are incorporated into the collar to limit tension. This can prevent the dog from choking when it pulls or injuries to the dog's neck area. That's why modern train stop collars are also considered animal welfare compliant. The stopper also prevents the dog from slipping backwards out of the collar.

As soon as the dog stops pulling, the collar loosens again and sits comfortably on the dog's neck. The collar is also considered to be particularly gentle on fur and is also suitable for use on long fur.


  • Easy to use: Pull stop collars are easy to use. They can be put on and taken off again in seconds. Slip the collar over the dog's head - click in the leash - and you're ready to go.
  • Suitable for almost all dog breeds: In principle, a pull stop collar is suitable for every dog ​​and every dog ​​size. It is also suitable for any type of fur, whether short-haired or long-haired. The collar is particularly advantageous for long-haired dogs because the fur cannot get caught on the fastener.
  • Safety factor: Thanks to the stopper, your dog cannot free itself from the collar.

The correct size selection

The optimal fit is particularly important for a collar with a pull stop function. To determine the correct size, taking the following measurements will help you.

Stand your dog up straight. Now take the measurement of the circumference of his neck - where the collar will lie. Then measure the circumference of the head - it is important that you measure where the circumference is largest. At its maximum width, the collar should fit comfortably over the dog's head. To determine the correct size, add two to three centimeters to the circumference of your head. This length is then the optimal size for your four-legged friend.

Our size chart in the online shop, including instructions for measuring correctly , will help you make your selection. If you are unsure about choosing your size, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our PALOPA team will be happy to provide you with advice.

Based on the neck circumference you have removed, you then adjust the stopper - here too with an allowance: When pulled, the pull stop collar should be as tight as a normal collar. Note that there is about two finger widths of space below the collar.

Please take a look at our PALOPA online shop . We offer you two super stylish collars with a pull stop function , which are also impressive in terms of sustainability. They were made by hand and can be individually adjusted to the dog's neck circumference and are robust and weather-resistant.

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